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If you're looking for information about solar panel power, you've come to the right place. Solar panels work by converting sun light into power. They use the photovoltaic effect to do so. Thus, solar energy is both eco friendly and renewable. Renewable means that we never run out of it- because the suns light is infinite. Solar energy is eco-friendly because it causes no bad emissions. The panel produces more power as more sunlight reaches the panel, so it works best in sunny areas. Solar energy is an alternative to sources of energy like coal and fossil fuels. The pros far outweigh the cons, which means that more people than ever are now using solar energy. However, how do solar panels actually work?

information about solar panel

Information about Solar Panel

In reality, solar panels are quite simple to understand. Solar cells comprise the solar panels. There are two layers in the cell which have different charges. The upper layer has a negative charge, while the lower layer has a positive charge. Protons in the sunlight reach the cell. This activates electrons in the upper layer. When the electrons are activated, they begin to move from one layer to the next. The electrons then form a closed loop. The closed loop creates an electrical current.

The closed loop results in direct current electricity. However, direct current electricity can't power homes or buildings. Thus, an inverter converts the electricity into alternating current electricity. The power that is created can be used, put into the grid, or stored in a battery. When the power is stored in a battery, it can be used during the night.

Solar panels are a great way of saving money. This is because you don't have to pay for power. As an added benefit, solar panels are also eco friendly.

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