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Government Solar Panel Scheme

Government Solar Panel Scheme

Why do many countries now reward their citizens by having a government solar panel scheme? It's because fossil fuels are on the way out, and renewable power is on its way in. One form of renewable power is solar power. Solar power is created when solar panels take sunlight and convert it into electricity or heat.

Many governments are beginning to try to encourage their citizens to invest in renewable energy. One way of doing so is compensating people who use renewable energy. Some governments have introduced a scheme called the Feed-in Tariff. The Feed-in Tariff was designed so that homes with solar panels would earn money over a period of 20 years.

The government pays for the energy that you use and pays for the energy that isn't used. Thus, you get more money the more kWh of energy your panels create. The government determines how much they pay for your energy. The rates depend on the solar panels you use, when you installed the panels, and how efficient your home is in conserving energy. In addition, energy bills drop because the individuals can rely on the energy that they produced with the solar panels. This provides another source of revenue. Finally, the money received from the government is tax free.

However, due to the decreasing costs of solar panels, the government reduced the Feed-in Tariff by 64% and limited the number of solar panels supported by the scheme. Individuals will still get money, but less than before.

government solar panel scheme

Free Solar Panels?

Some people seem to believe that this scheme also provides free solar panels. This is not true. The government does not offer grants for solar panels. Some companies do let you install “free” solar panels, but while you don't have to pay for the costs of installation or maintenance, you do still have to pay for the power. Essentially, in those situations, you let the company use your roof to install the solar panels, and then you buy the energy from them. Thus, the solar panels aren't yours. So you should be wary of people saying that you can get free solar panels! However, solar panels are absolutely the future. These government schemes provide a further reason to use solar power. You should definitely consider buying some panels.

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